Facebook testing Messenger and Ticker client for Windows

Today, Facebook has started allowing a small group of users to download a new piece of software; Facebook Messenger for Windows. The product appears to be similar to their offering for mobile devices, and features the same branding, but also features the ticker and desktop notifications for activity on the social network.

A help center article shows off the new messenger, and features screenshots of the product in action as well as a few frequently asked questions. There's no public download as of yet, and you're only able to use the product if you've been offered it through a home page prompt that looks something like this;

The ticker wasn't exactly popular amongst users, but Facebook is pushing ahead with the assumption that they will come to accept it, and has integrated it into this product as well, giving users the opportunity to glance at the ticker without even visiting the site. We assume this is to increase engagement, as many users are likely to leave the messenger client logged into their PC's all day. 

We can't wait to get our hands on this to give it a whirl, anything that makes social networking easier is welcomed, especially if it's set and forget.

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