Facebook will finally let you unsend messages, so long as you do it in 10 minutes

Amid a series of other controversies surrounding the social media giant, Facebook came under fire last April for the revelation that it was deleting Mark Zuckerberg and other executives' messages on the platform when no one else had the ability to do so.

Admitting a double standard, the company pledged to bring the feature to all users, so we can all get rid of those drunken messages we wish we never sent. After nearly a year since that promise and nearly four months after evidence that the company had started testing the feature in the wild surfaced, the ability to unsend messages should now be available to everyone.

If you send a text to someone on Messenger from today, long-pressing the message and selecting the 'delete' option will present you with two options: 'Remove for you' and 'Remove for everyone'. The latter of the two will delete the contents of the message for the recipient, though they should still be able to see a notice saying "A contact removed a message" on the Facebook website. If you're using the Messenger app, this notice will change to show your name, so delete messages may not maintain your anonymity in a group chat.

There is another caveat: you can only avail the option within 10 minutes of first sending the message. After that, you will no longer be able to take back your mortifying mistake, as it will be forever immortalised on the company's servers.

Source: Facebook via TechCrunch

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