Firefox for iOS gains new dark mode, tab search

The iOS variant of Mozilla's Firefox browser has hit version 13 today, bringing with it a couple of handy new features.

Left: Light Mode, Center: Light + Night Mode, Right: Dark + Night Mode

One of these features is a new dark theme, making it and Microsoft's Edge the only major iOS browsers to support the darkened look (Incognito modes don't count). Firefox does one-up Edge by clubbing it together with a pre-existing feature, however: Night Mode, a feature similar to iOS' Smart Invert, turns all white backgrounds on web pages black, while also leaving images untouched (sometimes).

Putting these two features together makes Firefox the browser least likely to burn your retinas off with brightness during your night-time browsing sessions.

Mozilla has also thrown in a new search feature for open tabs, for those of you who leave several of them open at once and would like an easy way to find a specific tab easily. Moreover, you can now also rearrange your tab positions in the carousel by dragging and dropping them.

You can download Firefox for free for your iOS devices from over here.

Source: MacRumors

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