Firefox will soon tell you if a website's been hacked

Not too long ago, Firefox introduced the updated Quantum browser which brings a handful of new features and security improvements. It seems the company plans to add more features, and will soon tell its users if the website being visited has been a victim of a data breach.

The company is working on this feature which will use the data provided by "Have I been Pwned", a website that indexes data breaches, and notifies users if their credentials have been compromised in a hack attempt. The feature is still in its early stages, but users interested to give it a try can visit Github, compile it, and add it to Firefox. The feature only works with Firefox Developer Edition.

The news about this new project was also confirmed by Troy Hunt, the security expert behind Have I Been Pwned, in a tweet.

It's a little unclear how the feature will work when it's available officially, as a number of websites have suffered a data breaches in the past. At this time it is unknown whether users will be notified only about relatively newer breaches, or if there is no time limit invovled.

Source: Github via Bleeping Computer, Engadget

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