Foobar2000 0.8.1

Thanks PROGAME and TwiztidOne for the heads up. Foobar2000 is an advanced audio player for the Windows platform. Some of the basic features include ReplayGain support, low memory footprint and native support for several popular audio formats.


  • Fixed playlist switcher crash

  • Improved foo_clienc now included with standard setup

  • Added mp3 decoder switcher for foo_mad

  • Menu commands for moving active playlist around the list, ctrl+arrow on tabs in default ui

  • New foo_abx pval calculation, thanks to tigre

  • foo_abx logging

  • Fixed matroska/vorbis issue introduced in 0.8

  • Ability to store metadata for e.g. .CUE externally works again (0.8 file modification time tracking broke it)

  • Keyboard shortcut config page no longer allows same key to be assigned multiple times

  • Random bugfixes

Download: Foobar2000 0.8.1 Full

Download: Foobar2000 0.8.1 Lite

Download: Foobar2000 0.8.1 Special (Includes nearly all official components and selected 3rd party components)

Download: Foobar2000 0.8.1 SDK

News source: Foobar2000 Web site

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