Fortnite hosts a Travis Scott concert with the rapper previewing his latest song

Image via The Verge

A few days back, Epic Games announced that Fortnite will be launching an "Astronomical" experience in the popular Battle Royale game. Now, as promised, we just had the first of the five planned events.

As with just about any event in the Fortnite world, the concert was hosted in in-game lobbies where players joined in and attended the performance. We also got a preview of Travis Scott's new song—The Scotts, which begins around the 14th-minute mark in the video below. Hit songs including Sicko Mode, and Highest in the Room were also played.

This isn't the first time Fortnite has hosted events in collaboration with artists. Indeed, Marshmello's concert from February last year was a big hit. But the game improved over it with the latest concert and took players through a variety of environments like outer space and underwater with this one.

For those who have missed this event, as stated before, this was one of the five planned events. Details on the rest of the 'tour dates' can be found here.

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