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Forza: Apex is a new free racing game for Xbox One and Windows 10

If you ever wanted to experience a racing game on PC, there are few ways you could, but it has always seemed like if you wanted to play a realistic franchise like Forza, you were out of luck. In an effort introduce more people to Forza, Turn10 Studios built a free version of Forza Motorsport 6 dubbed Apex for Windows 10.

The new game features a selection of 63 handpicked Forza cars which players can unlock through the new Spotlight Series and Showcase Tour modes. Thanks to DirectX 12, the game is capable of running at up to 4K resolutions and I was intensely impressed by the brief demo that I watched. Carbon fiber had a perfect glossy sheen, leather looked soft and plush, and the cars looked overall, better than ever.

My initial thought was that Apex was nothing more than a pay-to-win kind of game, but I was reassured by a member of the Turn10 team that there are no "paywalls" in Forza 6: Apex adding that all cars in the game can be unlocked without the need to spend any money. While there wasn't any mention of how easy it would be to unlock the cars, he did mention that there would be a way to unlock vehicles instantly if you wanted to spend money.

Regardless of whether it's your type of game style, Apex looks like a great for those interested in playing a realistic racing game on PC or those looking to trial and get a feel for the Forza game franchise. Forza 6: Apex will be available later this Spring for free in the Windows Store.

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