Fujitsu plans to launch smartphones in US

So far, Windows Phone-based devices in the US have been limited to just a few manufacturers, including HTC, Samsung and most recently Nokia. Now there's word that a company that has a big smartphone market in Japan could launch these products here in the US. reports that Fujitsu is making plans to sell smartphones in the US. According to Senior Executive Vice President Hideyuki Saso, the company is looking to start its US move sometime late in 2012 or in early 2013. He added, "If we try to do same thing as how our competitors because of the competition, it is going to be tough. We would like to identify the right way of entering the North American market that would make use of our technology and expertise to make a steady landing."

While Fujitsu makes Android-based smartphones in Japan, it also has made Windows Phone-based products. The company is also known for creating a series of waterproof phones.

The smartphone market in the US is already very crowded but the nice thing about Fujitsu is that if it does decide to launch a Windows Phone device in North American it won't face as much competition. It should be interesting to see what kinds of phones the company brings over to the US.

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