Gameview Spot On With Tap Fish for Android

Tap Fish, has already achieved over 500,000 downloads since its Android release on 1st April. Tap Fish provides simple, addictive fun that is clearly satisfying our mobile gaming needs.

Game sales on the Android Market reached $8.8 million in the first quarter of 2011 alone. The figure shows a massive 330% increase in comparison to the same period last year. It is growth that has attracted more and more developers to produce for the Android platform. Although Apple still possesses a lion’s share of the mobile game market, the period of intense growth in the Android market ensures that it still remains very attractive to underfed game developers.

Recently, we have witnessed a number developers switch alliances to android or simply develop simultaneously for both platforms. Gameview is a perfect example of an established developer which has benefited from the growing android market. Its latest release, Tap Fish, has already achieved over 500,000 downloads since its Android release on 1st April. The game is available on all Android devices using version 2.0 or later. It is ranked number one in the free casual games category with over 65,160 fans giving it an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Tap Fish falls into the casual gaming category, which aim at the mass audience. Most casual games offer simplicity and commitment-free gaming. At the moment, more and more of us are finding it hard to commit time, money and thought into games. Typically casual games have relatively low production and distribution costs.  Tap Fish is completely free. What separates Tap Fish from other casual games is the way in which it develops commitment from users without them actually realizing it. Gamers will not actually feel as though they are committed to playing the game, but as official statistics released by Gameview illustrate “on average users log in more than three times a day to check their aquariums”.

The game lures users into addiction with elements that share characteristics of social networking. The concept of visiting neighbor’s tanks can be interesting and to a certain extent represents the viewing someone else’s Myspace, Twitter or Facebook page. In particular the way in which users can add others by their username creates a very ‘social experience’. Gameview confirmed that since the games inception over 1 million users have accessed their neighbor’s tanks. Furthermore, the seven-day retention rate is currently higher than 85%. A simple gaming experience that sustains user interest.

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