Get $20 worth of Skype credits for only $10 [Updated]

It's Friday, and that means people are already daydreaming about the weekend. They want to go out and see friends, maybe do some hiking or catch a ball game. Others just want to catch up with some friends remotely via Skype but might need some credits to to make calls.

The website has pointed us to a deal that might help you out in this regard. It offers a link to the CollegeBudget website that gives folks a way to get $20 worth of Skype credits for just $10. The only restrictions are that you have to either have an .edu email account or a Facebook account. That should cover almost everyone.

Once you pay for the $10 of Skype credit you get a code via an email. After that, you simply sign into your Skype account page and then type in the code in the voucher page to claim your $20 in credits. The countdown on the deals page indicates it will close just a few minutes before midnight Eastern time. That's not a lot of time to take advantage of this sale so people who are eligible and who want to save some money on Skype credits should act quickly.

UPDATE: It looks like the deal has been extended for the next 14 hours, so if you missed the offer last week, you can still take advantage of it today!

Source: CollegeBudget via | Image via CollegeBudget

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