Get Prepared for Google I/O - What you need to follow

In just a couple of hours, Google's yearly I/O event will begin with the first of two keynotes. This year is expected to focus mostly on Android and Chrome and generally be a delight for all attending, but what if you weren't one of the lucky chosen few to get a ticket? Well don't worry, we've got you covered!

If you can't attend Google I/O, the next best thing is to watch it live and this year, Google plans to broadcast the whole shebang live on the Google I/O website and if that doesn't work, good ol' Youtube. If you aren't able to watch the live stream, don't worry, Google will kindly upload the recordings a few hours later.

If you want to join in on the live blogging, the MMO live blog known as Twitter is covered, too, with an Official Google IO feed, and the hashtag #io2011.

Most likely you'll be unable to sit around all day watching everything, so check out the agenda and take your pick. If you're not a developer and just want to see all the cool new stuff Google will be announcing, you can probably get away with just the keynotes. Oh and don't forget the official I/O app, either.

If you have exhausted all other possibilities, then fear not - Neowin will keep you up to date with all the best announcements.

It all kicks off at 9AM PST, which is 12PM EST and 5PM in the UK. If you're still not sure when that is, the official Google I/O website has a fancy countdown clock to keep you entertained until then.

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