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Gmail works fine on iPhone, blanks on Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile Gmail fans are getting antsy about a known glitch in the mobile e-mail offering that hasn't been fixed by Google in about a month. In October, Google began supporting IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) for Gmail, which means that when mobile users send and receive Gmail e-mail on their mobile phones, their changes are synched, appearing the next time the user accesses Gmail from any device. With POP3, previously the only e-mail protocol supported by Gmail, if a user deleted a Gmail message from their inbox using their cell phone, the message would still appear in the inbox the next time the user logged on to Gmail from their computer.

However, shortly after the IMAP capability was activated, users of Windows Mobile phones began complaining in online forums about problems. Some of them said that HTML e-mails showed up blank on their phones. Others said that message headers appeared on their phones but not the messages themselves. The problem appears to affect mainly Windows Mobile users. In late October, one user complained to Google about the problem with Windows Mobile and got a reply saying that Google hadn't had the chance to test the Windows Mobile mail client.

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