GoDaddy faces challenger in the form of ByeDaddy

December has not been a good month for GoDaddy, that much we can all agree. The company was forced to back down over the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), despite being one of the contributors to its creation. Because of its previous support, GoDaddy customers are beginning to migrate their URLs to other providers, such as Namecheap. In addition to this, someone has set up

The concept behind ByeDaddy is simple. It acts as a search engine for domains, and then checks the GoDaddy results to see if the domain is registered with them. It even includes a leaderboard of the most popular searches that are still with GoDaddy, and it could be quite surprising. Despite the Wikipedia ethos being to allow freedom to share knowledge and content, their URLs are still registered with GoDaddy alongside a large number of other Wikimedia sites.

When a site that is registered with GoDaddy is searched, a red box on the page informs the viewer of where the domain is registered from. If the site is not registered with GoDaddy, the same happens, though with a green box as opposed to the red. The site provides its own API so that other projects could be forked from it, meaning this may not be the last time we see something to challenge GoDaddy.

The designer of the website, Marco Pazzaglia, has left his Twitter account alongside the API button, so you can credit him for helping friends switch from GoDaddy or whatever other purposes you may have. His Twitter is @BrokenDroid.

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