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GoldenEye: Rogue Agent latest pics

Playing the bad guy is looking sweeter by the day as EA's shooter comes under scrutiny.

EA's GoldenEye: Rogue Agent continues to impress and build on its early promise and we have the latest screens of the game in action. We're particularly impressed with just how clean it looks in the in-game screens and the mix 'n' match of weapons in each hand also has our trigger-finger itching to squeeze.

As a game set in the Bond universe, it's somewhat surprising that it isn't a gadget-fest of typically Bond-esque cutting edge tools but the full-on shoot-'em-up nature of the game sits very well with us. However, you do have one special tool at your disposal - your, ahem, golden eye. As you progress through the game, abilities attributed to it increase and include features such as a shield, x-ray vision and the very cool bullet magnetising effect which mars the aim of your enemies' bullets.

Screenshot: >> Click here

News source: gamesradar.com

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