Goodbye, Spam: MSN Employs Innovative Technologies

Multitiered Approach Eliminates 2.4 Billion Spam E-Mail Messages a Day; Prevents Millions More With Technologies That Hinder Senders of Spam

The MSN® network of Internet services is leading the industry by helping protect consumers from unsolicited commercial e-mail with a unique combination of technologies and consumer education that goes beyond traditional filtering. By shrinking the overall flow of so-called "spam," this multitiered approach not only prevents spam from reaching consumers' inboxes, it stops spammers from sending unsolicited e-mail in the first place.

In addition to blocking 2.4 billion spam e-mail messages each day -- roughly 80 percent of the e-mail messages that reach MSN servers -- new MSN technologies help keep consumers' e-mail addresses out of the hands of spammers and reduce the growth in the number of e-mail accounts that can be used to distribute spam. MSN also offers new online resources to further empower consumers to actively fight spam.

"Spam is no longer just an inconvenience for consumers and the online industry; it has become a major problem, one that makes it hard for people to sort through their personal e-mail and reduces productivity," said Lisa Gurry, group product manager for MSN. "MSN drew a line in the sand with MSN 8 and its powerful spam-fighting tools. With these and other tools, as well as increased consumer education, we are striving to deliver the best resources to significantly reduce the flow of spam."

News source: Microsoft PressPass

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