Google and LG agree to cross-license patents for the next 10 years

Look at all the patentable goodness

It looks like LG and Google are becoming friendlier by the day as the two companies have just entered into a long-term patent licensing agreement aimed at making it easier for each company to use and implement the other’s technology.

The news comes directly from LG who have just announced they’re partnering with the search giant with a cross-licensing agreement for the next ten years. The deal will let each company use the other’s patents, including future ones.

LG explains the agreement includes a “broad range of products of technologies” though at least for now, phones will obviously be the main focus here.

Google entered into a similar deal with Samsung at the start of this year. It’s not clear if the Mountain View company is simply trying to shield LG, one of its main hardware partners, from litigation related to Android or if the two companies are planning something else but we’re not likely to see the two of them in court anytime soon.

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