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Google Classroom gets AI-powered YouTube assignments and Read Along feature

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Google Classroom has added support for AI-suggested questions teachers can attach to YouTube videos based on their content. This builds on the existing feature that allows teachers to turn a YouTube video into an interactive lesson by adding questions throughout the video.

However, the current process requires teachers to pick timestamps manually, come up with questions, and insert correct answers. The new update improves the experience by suggesting questions and answers teachers can quickly add to the videos and save time.

Google Classroom new features

Teachers can edit the AI-suggested questions to improve context or correct possible mistakes before attaching them to the video. Just like before, they can create and edit their interactive questions as part of the assignment alongside AI-suggested questions.

Google said in a blog post that the AI-suggested interactive questions are available for certain videos in English. The steps to create a YouTube video activity are laid out in a support document, stating that suggested questions are available when a spark icon appears below the video title in the video search results.

The interactive questions feature only works if the workspace admin has turned ON YouTube as an additional service for educators. However, students can complete a video activity regardless of whether YouTube is enabled or disabled.

Google Classroom new features

Apart from that, Google Classroom has added support for a feature called Read Along, which was already available as a standalone app for Android. Teachers can use the feature to assign reading activities to students based on grade level, phonics skills, or Lexile measure.

Read Along comes with a digital reading assistant to help students and gives access to over 800 fiction and non-fiction books. Teachers can personalize the feature for each student by assigning books with difficulty levels based on their reading abilities.

AI-suggested questions and Read Along are available for select Google Workspace tiers: Education Plus and the Teaching & Learning Upgrade.

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