Google delays some shipments of its new Nexus 6P flagship, offers $25 refund

The smaller, and more affordable, of Google's two new Android flagships - the LG-made Nexus 5X - went on sale last week in key markets around the world. But shipments of its sister device - the Nexus 6P, built by Huawei - have been delayed for some of those who pre-ordered it.

Numerous customers - including Phandroid's Rob Jackson - have received an email from Google saying it has "some not-so-great news: It's going to take a little longer to get the 6P to you than we would have liked".

But to thank its customers for their patience during the delay, Google is offering a gesture of goodwill: "As a courtesy, we’ll give you a $25 refund on your purchase, which we’ll process soon after your phone ships."

It appears that shipments could be delayed by up to two weeks for some customers; some orders originally scheduled for delivery this week have since been updated with revised delivery dates as late as November 14.

Source: Phandroid

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