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Google Expands Paid Search

In an effort to generate more money from advertising on content sites, Google has begun letting any Internet publisher host a search on its website and collect revenue from advertiser-sponsored search listings. The program, AdSense for search, is an extension of Google's AdSense service, through which the search company posts small ads next to articles or reviews that contain certain keywords. Under both programs, publishers get paid when users click on an advertiser's link.

The move to add its search feature on other publishers' sites is a logical move for Google, since many Internet users prefer to conduct queries on the websites they visit, rather than going to a dedicated search-engine site, said Joshua Stylman, managing partner of Reprise Media, a search marketing company. "Site search, whether it's just searching within a site or searching the Web at large, is growing by leaps and bounds," Stylman said. "So for Google, rolling out AdSense on search pages makes an incredible amount of sense."

News source: Wired News

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