Google forces MetroTalk to be pulled from Windows Phone store

Google Voice is a service that allows you to use one phone number on all of your devices and if you are on Windows Phone, MetroTalk is an option for you to use Google voice on this platform. But, for those of you who are currently using MetroTalk, Google is shutting down the third-party app and it will be pulled from the Windows Store in May of 2014.

It is unclear if this is a personal attack at Microsoft because the two companies have been battling it out in the app world and in the courtrooms over the past few years or if Google has a legitimate reason for this request. This could be Google’s move to rid all of its products from the Windows Phone Store that 3rd parties utilize to bring Google services to Windows Phone users or there may be something more to the picture here. But, at this time, the request seems like it was made with derogatory intentions without any other information to go on.

MetroTalk says that the removal of the app is beyond their control and in may of 2014, it will pull its App from the Windows Phone Store. More so, the note posted on MetroTalks website (posted above) says that this move affects all Google Voice apps in the Windows Phone store.

This is a blow not only to consumers who want to use Google Voice on Windows Phones but also to Microsoft who is actively trying to fill out its online marketplace. 

Source: Metrotalk

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