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Google Glass gets detailed at IO, costs $1500

After Google's exciting Glass demonstration at the I/O conference earlier Wednesday, which featured skydiving, stunt biking and rappelling all streamed through a Google+ Hangouts video conferencing session, some details on the futuristic device have begun to emerge; Engadget compiled a list of some of the information they heard at the conference.

Currently, the existing prototypes of Google Glass do not include any sort of built-in WWAN connectivity, even the ones used in the skydiving stunt. 3G and/or 4G connectivity has not been ruled out for when the devices hit production, but the general idea is that Glass will connect to nearby WiFi hotspots or tether to a smartphone to connect to the Internet, rather than doing it directly through the device itself.

Glass will receive input via voice commands and a touch-sensitive pad that can understand gestures, and remote control through smartphones is also a possibility. Glass has an accelerometer and gyroscope built in, which will allow users to nod or shake their heads to give commands.

At least some amount of local storage will be included, but in practice the device will stream "most everything" live to the Internet; the local storage will be available for capturing video in areas where wireless data isn't available.

Engadget also confirmed that the internal battery sits just behind the right ear, although capacity and battery life was not confirmed. The Google Glass team is also experimenting with different colors for the wearable technology. Orange, white, black and blue models were spotted at the I/O conference, though that doesn't mean that the production models will include or be limited to that palette.

Finally, for those at I/O, a prototype of the product can be purchased for $1500.00.

Source: Engadget

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