Google Glass prescription lens pricing announced

Good news has come today for those with less-than-perfect eyesight wondering if they'll be able to use Google Glass: According to Rochester Optical, a company which produces eyewear primarily for the military, it will be providing a 'prescription option' for Google Glass wearers starting at $99.

The company's marketing specialist Tim Moore announced the feature on the community for Google Explorers, saying that in addition to basic framing, advanced features such as tinted lenses, unique styles, colors and custom finishes would also be offered. People who want an early invitation to Google Glass' prescription lenses can sign up on Rochester Optical's website with their name and email, with the page stating "Our first release of digital high definition prescription lenses for Google Glass will be available in just a few weeks!". 

The company also sent out a questionnaire last week to early users of Google Glass, asking them a few basic questions about features they'd like to see in the forthcoming prescription lenses. Amongst those suggested features were a list of lens colors including shale, tangerine, charcoal, pink and purple. The survey also made mention of lenses composed from basic plastic, glass and impact-resistant plastic. This information in conjunction with the announcement of prescription lenses seems to mean that Glass users will see a wealth of unique and customizable design features for the eyewear. And amid news of software and tech features like the recently announced Wink, which allows Google Glass owners to take photos with the wink of an eye, it seems that Glass is shaping up to become a very popular product.

Source: Slashgear | Image via Wikipedia

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