Google increases Gmail storage

Google has announced that the free online storage for Gmail will increase gradually in the next days.

As of October 23th, users will get 4321MB of storage, and from January 4th next year, will see 6283MB of storage.

After that users will receive 3.3MB every day, which is apparently 10 times larger than the current rate of growth.

Google Apps mail accounts will have the same quota as standard Gmail accounts, while Google Apps Premier Edition will have 25GB mail accounts, compared to 2GB and 10GB previously.

"In April 2005, we started increasing Gmail storage as part of our "Infinity+1" storage plan. At that time, we realized we'd never reach infinity, but we promised to keep giving Gmail users more space as we were able," says the Gmail Blog.

Yahoo and Microsoft have recently increased the online storage they offer, so it appears as if Google, once the market leader in the area, has moved to catch up.

News source: Pocket-lint

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