Google is trying to lock in a deal with China

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google will likely stop censoring its search results in China but will not pull out of the country entirely.  Citing the famous, “sources familiar with the situation”, Google is currently in talks with several Chinese agencies “to allow it to operate some parts of its business in a patchwork arrangement”.

Google insiders are saying that there is no way that Google will pull out of the country entirely as doing so would leave one of the worlds largest search markets untapped.  While they may not continue offering search, other products like Gmail may remain available in the country. 

Although, according to Reuters, the Minister of Industry and Information Technology in China, Li Yizhong, said "if you don't respect Chinese laws, you are unfriendly and irresponsible, and the consequences will be on you”.

China is known to block sites that do not comply with their strict policies so it will interesting to see if Google can negotiate a deal that may block its search but not its other services.

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