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Microsoft loses second i4i patent appeal

According to BBC News, Microsoft has lost its second appeal to overrule the $240 million dollar fine imposed by a US court for copyright infringement. The initial ruling dictated that Microsoft pay up, as well as removes the infringing XML technology from Microsoft Word. Thus far, Microsoft has complied with removing the software. In the process, however, they have continued to fight the ruling.

Microsoft's first appeal was ruled on in December 2009. The court decided that Microsoft was, in fact, guilty. The second appeal resulted in much of the same; but this time, the ruling came with an explanation. "In court documents spelling out their reasoning, the three appeal court judges said there was evidence that Microsoft knew i4i technology was patented before it turned up in Office programs."

Microsoft has begun the process of a third appeal, asking for a more thorough investigation. A decision as to whether the appeal will be accepted is expected in the next six weeks. If the court refuses the appeal, Microsoft can take its case all the way to the Supreme Court (and probably will).

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