Google News now displays stories in two languages in a single feed

Google rolled out today a new update for its news aggregator app on Android and iOS, enabling users to view articles in two languages with only a single feed. The new capability is available across 141 countries, with support for 41 languages.

The search giant said in a blog post that the new update aims to provide assistance to users who are in the habit of consuming news across multiple languages. This activity proves to be challenging for people as they need to look for stories across various apps.

With the latest change to the Google News app, users can view news content in two languages and read headlines and stories in each language at the same time. For example, news stories can be displayed in both English and Hindi simultaneously so that users can keep tabs on events occurring in India. That means users can receive updates from local publishers and articles about any topics from any part of the world.

The changes won't affect your existing personalization preferences. More importantly, you will stay up-to-date with relevant news stories from your chosen languages. You can enable the new feature by heading over to the language settings in the Google News app and picking two language options.

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