Google Release Free Website Service

Google have launched
Google Page Creator, a free website creation tool.

Perhaps best described as Geocities for the 21st century, Page Creator takes the Google AJAX magic and applies it to website design. The process is simple, albeit, at this time, a little buggy.

In a fashion remarkably similar to Powerpoint, users can pick from a number of themes (or change them on the go) and text layouts. It makes use of a rather clever What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor, so users don't have to face the prospect of editing HTML (but the option exists). Best of all, in true ground breaking fashion, Google lets you have 100MB of space for free, and it doesn't even put ads on your homepage.

It's all very easy; of course, that's the idea. Google have identified an area of the web which has garnered little interest in the last few years. "Free" providers traditionally have provided a lack lustre offering designed to try and persuade people to go up to pay-for options. No longer. Google Pages sees the company delve into a natural but new field, and will no doubt be popular.

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