Google releases 64-bit Chrome beta for Windows 7 and 8

It's been a couple of months since Google announced a 64-bit version of its Chrome browser, although it was released only in Canary and Developer editions. As with any early release of new software, installing it would have meant potentially dealing with the bugs and glitches still waiting to be fixed. 

Windows users keen to try out the 64-bit browser may be interested to learn that Google has now released a more stable build, although it still remains in beta for now. It supports both Windows 7 and 8.x, and if you're upgrading from one of the earlier versions, the beta will replace the Developer or Canary build, while still keeping your settings and bookmarks. 

As Engadget notes, the 64-bit version is intended to make better use of your system's resources to offer a richer, faster and more secure web experience. It's taken just eight weeks to get from the earliest release to the beta, so the odds are good that the full and final version isn't too far away - good news if you're still hesitant about installing a pre-release version on your system. 

Full details of the latest additions and improvements in the beta are available in the SVN log

Source: Google via Engadget

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