Google releases first Android 11 Developer Preview

Google has just made the first Android 11 Developer Preview available for advanced users and developers. The first build is available for the Google Pixel 2, Pixel 3, and the Pixel 4.

Android 11 comes with new privacy-focused features, 5G support, new APIs, and more. The OS now allows users to provide certain permissions to apps on a temporary basis. This includes permission for location, microphone, and camera.

Android 11 also introduces Scoped Storage. This feature was initially a part of Android Q beta 2 before Google pulled it to give developers time to prepare their app for this massive change. Scoped Storage will provide every app with its own isolated storage instead of providing them with access to the entire file system. This will prevent apps from going through every other file on your phone.

Android 11 also improves support for devices with pinhole and waterfall displays by adding new APIs. A new Dynamic Meterdness API that will automatically load higher resolution content if it detects you are on an unlimited 5G connection. There is a new Bubbles API as well that will allow messaging apps to use bubbles to easily provide access to ongoing conversations. The notification shade is also getting an improvement and you will now be able to send images with your message right from the notification shade.

Google usually tends to release a new Developer Preview of Android in March. This time, however, the company has released the build ahead of schedule. Google is making the first Developer Preview images of Android 11 available for manual download and flashing only. The beta program for the OS will start at a later date.

Android 11 also brings enhancements to work profile that will provide IT with new asset management and device-level controls.

You can download the Android 11 Developer Preview from here.

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