Google to Microsoft: We will steal 90% of your Office users

What Christmas gift do you get the company that seems to have everything? If you ask Google, they want 90% of the Microsoft Office market to defect over to Google Apps. Is that too tall of an order for the search giant?

According to Business Insider, Google's Amit Singh, head of Enterprise business, thinks the company can do just that. Back in 2011, the company was barely able to compete in the enterprise market. They were large, slow, and unable to navigate long competitive bids. Toyota recalls that Google had to drop out of the bid process that ultimately led to Microsoft Office 365 winning out. But now, Singh says that Google is more agile and can convince large companies to save money by giving up their Microsoft Office addiction and moving to the Google cloud.

One of the key "features" is the simplicity of Google Apps. While Microsoft Office may have more bells and whistles, Google is banking on the fact that most people have no interest in those advanced use cases. Indeed, when using Word, how many times do you simply format, type, and print? We'd venture to say that does indeed fit the majority of users.

Roughly 96% of Google's revenue currently comes from ads, and in order to diversify, it's imperative for Google to improve in other market segments. Time will tell if Google can take such a large bite out of Microsoft Office's business

Source: Business Insider

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