GooPhone at it again, releasing $99 iPad Mini clone

Remember GooPhone, the Chinese clone company that wanted to sue Apple over the iPhone 5 design they ripped off? Well, they’re at it again, this with a $99 iPad Mini clone, the GooPad Mini.

The Chinese company, which can’t even design a logo without ripping someone off, says that their device is even more impressive than Apple’s, thanks to its full 8 inch screen and low price. They’ve even managed to accomplish something that lots of tech giants couldn’t, by shipping a device with Android Jelly Bean preinstalled.

And just to make sure that their customers get the full pretend-Apple experience, the OS comes with a standard iOS6 skin right out of the box that’s sure to make Jonny Ive vomit. Spec wise, the GooPad Mini is packing a 1.4Ghz CPU, 1GB of RAM, and a not-so-spacious 8 GBs of flash storage. All of this is elegantly tucked away inside a ‘aluminium slim body,’ which we somehow doubt is anywhere near as well put together as the real thing.

At any rate, the good news is that the GooPad isn’t launching until sometime in November, well after Apple’s own device, which probably means that GooPhone won’t have an excuse to try and sue Apple over the design. Maybe they can go after Samsung this time around?

Source: GizChina | Image via GizChina

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