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A very large new update for Guild Wars was released yesterday. There are way, way to many changes and fixes to list here, but needless to say quite a few changes are here. From skill changes (a large portion of the changes are skill changes) to scoring in PvP maps - you will find something here you probably were looking forward to. Or not. Here is just a very small portion of the changes from the patch yesterday:

Broken Tower and Courtyard:

  • Every time a team kills an opposing player, that team is awarded one point.
  • Killing a Ghostly Hero awards double points.
  • The first kill of a match awards double points.
  • Players may still capture the altar, but this is now done through the use of capture points similar to the control points used in Alliance Battles. The team with the most players in range of the capture point begins capturing the altar. The Ghostly Hero counts as 4 players.
  • The team holding the altar receives a 10% damage boost.
Hall of Heroes:
  • Increased the time limit to 8 minutes.
  • Players no longer incur a death penalty (DP) on this map.
  • Updated the Hall of Heroes map so that it is more open.
Skill Changes:

  • Updated Trap skill descriptions to match the damage they do in-game. Previously, Trap descriptions incorrectly stated damage amounts that were roughly three times as high as the actual damage dealt in-game.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from seeing the damage caused by their own Traps.
  • The "evade" mechanic has been removed from the game. All skills that used this mechanic have been changed to use "block" instead.
  • Weakness now causes -1 to all attributes.
As I said, there are a ton of changes, I didn't even list any class specific changes to skills - of which there are a large amount. Check out the Guild Wars update page for any class specific information you might need, and for the rest of the patch changelog.

View: Guild Wars Update Page
Link: Guild Wars Homepage
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