Halloween X: Follow The Money

You may or may not have heard about the various leaked memos at OpenSource.org; if you have, you'll realise that the existing ones are pretty damming of their respective companies. This latest one highlights payments from Microsoft towards SCO, via a 3rd party finance group (Baystar). Although one could never be certain of authenticity, if true its clear that the SCO battle with IBM is much more than a IP dispute. Microsoft have transferred almost $100 million dollars towards them - this is about Linux as competition to Windows.

"Excuse me, did we say in Halloween IX that Microsoft's under-the-table payoff to SCO for attacking Linux was just eleven million dollars? Turns out we were off by an order of magnitude — it was much, much more than that.

The document below was emailed to me by an anonymous whistleblower inside SCO. He tells me the typos and syntax bobbles were in the original. I cannot certify its authenticity, but I presume that IBM's, Red Hat's, Novell's, AutoZone's, and Daimler-Chryler's lawyers can subpoena the original."

View: Memo @ Opensource.org

News source: Slashdot.org

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