Happy Birthday, Half-Life!

Four years ago today, November 9th, 1998, Half-Life was declared "finished." Here's what Valve's Gabe Newell had to say, way back then:

    Half-Life has gone gold, and is in manufacturing. I'd like to say how extraordinarily grateful all of us here at Valve are for the support and enthusiasm you have shown Half-Life over the last two years. We are very proud of the product, and hope it lives up to your expectations. Sierra will be sending out a media alert tomorrow giving more details on the street date.
While no one could have anticipated the evolution Half-Life would undergo, four years later, it's the most popular online action game platform by a huge margin. To say that it met our expectations is an understatement. So Happy Birthday, Half-Life, and here's to another four years!

News source: Planet Half-Life

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