Archos App Store Now; Android Tablet Next

Archos has not been doing well of late and so they do need something good to wade off the competition. This will all seem to change on September 15th when the Archos Android Tablet with HD playback and mobile internet will launch.

According to Pocketables we can look forward to this device in stores on September 15th. Up until now Android, Google's OS, was a smartphone only affair. Now the time is right for Android to start spreading its wings on other gadgets.

The new Archos tablet is a high-end device and is going to be called the Archos 5 Internet Tablet. It sports a 5" WVGA Touchscreen, 720p video support, HDMI output, up to 500 GB of storage, 7 hours of battery life, a Cortex CPU and 3.5G internet connectivity. The feature list looks impressive and will give all its competitors a run for its money, especially with the rumours of the iTablet coming out sometime soon.

In anticipation of the launch of the Tablet, Archos has gone ahead and launched AppslLib . This is a new app store for the high-end Android devices. High-end Android devices include tablets, netbooks and top of the line smartphones.

The AppsLib says that it will offer the applications which are developed for the Android platform on any compatible device, whether it is a phone or netbook or tablet. All the apps on the AppsLib store will need to support 720p video over HDMI for HD Movies and Shows or large-resolution apps. If you are a developer, then you should definitely go check out AppsLib. Even though it does not have any apps at the moment, it does have lots of information for developers.

So do wait and watch out for September 15 and the proposed Archos 5 Internet Table. You can go to the Archos website to check for updates.

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