Has your laptop fallen into a fire? SkyDrive has you covered in latest advert

Microsoft has been on a roll lately when it comes to fun TV commercials. The Windows Phone-Lumia Lumia 920 ad that had iPhone and Galaxy S users fighting at a wedding has generated a lot of buzz and last week saw Microsoft take on Google Docs in two new amusing video clips. Even three Windows 8 TV ads made for the Asian market have recently gone viral all over the world.

Today, Microsoft unveiled yet another new TV commercial, this time promoting its SkyDrive service. The ad shows a number of kids out in the woods on a camping excursion, except they all seem to be immersed in their mobile devices, including their Surface tablets and Nokia Lumia smartphones.

Unfortunately, one of the campers has an issue with a burning marshmallow on his stick and flings it outside the camp. It manages to hit a nearby hunter with a crossbow who then fires an arrow that hits the laptop of one of the campers. Yet another student accidentally casts his fishing rod which attaches to the arrow that's been fired at the laptop.

The laptop is then put into the camp's fire by the fishing reel and sits there burning up. The lesson? Well, we would think it would be, "Don't bring super expensive gadgets out to a camp", but Microsoft would rather have the lesson be that your important files can all be safely stored on SkyDrive so you don't have worry if your laptop ends up in a burning camp fire. Nevertheless, the commercial is still funny.

Source: SkyDrive on YouTube

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