How to Build a Home Arcade Machine

Whether you're a pinball wizard, aficionado of classic shoot-'em-ups, or a "Street Fighter" extraordinaire, many options exist when it comes to bringing the arcade home -- specifically in the form of a full-sized home arcade machine. If you have the bucks to burn -- we're talkin' $4,000-$5,000 and beyond here -- you could simply buy a high-end, ready-to-go package from a company such as HanaHo. It's a great, albeit expensive, turnkey solution.

However, if the scratch isn't too tight, there's another, more user-friendly alternative -- ordering an assemble-it-yourself arcade cabinet kit. That's the plan for this feature since time is as much of a concern as dollars. Currently, there aren't that many options in this arena, but there are a few worth your consideration.

Of course, you'll also need to decide if you're going to go the route of creating a single-platform arcade machine or if you want the versatility of playing on multiple game systems. Many will opt for the single-system approach and install a PC as the power plant for this specialized rig. Some, however, will want to hook up an Xbox, GameCube, PS2, Dreamcast and/or a combination of systems to increase their gaming pleasure. It's really up to you -- and your budget -- as to how simple or tricked-out you want to go.

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