HP seems to have blatantly copied Apple's hardware design

If the Samsung lawsuit wasn't bad enough, HP announced their new All-in-One lineup today, the Spectre One range, but something seems fishy about the devices.

One could argue that the design of the new devices kind of resembles the iMac lineup, but something irked us even more. If you look at the images of the keyboard and trackpad that HP are going to offer, it's easy to mistake them for peripherals that Apple has sold for years.

Imitation is obviously commonplace in the PC world, but this seems like a whole new level of copying. Generally, Ultrabook designs loosely resemble the MacBook Air, but most of them try to at least differentiate themselves from Apple's products. According to Apple (and the US justice system), even some smartphones imitate the iPhone. It's not uncommon to see some form of adoption and improvement of basic hardware designs at all, but not one where it closely resembles the original product.

What's confusing is, surely HP has seen what Apple is selling. Right? Is this kind of imitation supposed to be flattering, or is it just outright awful? We're not impressed at all, but maybe HP will change their mind about what they're doing here before they release them and get slapped with a potential lawsuit.

Images via The Verge

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