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HTC to break its 15-day upgrade promise for the One A9

If you've got an unlocked HTC One A9, you probably feel pretty special among Android users. After all, when HTC launched the device, it promised that it would issue updates within 15 days of Google releasing them to Nexus devices. Not many OEMs can make such a bold claim.

As it turns out, HTC can't uphold that claim either, as it has confirmed that it will break its promise. The One A9 shipped with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which means that since then, there has only been one Android update available, which was 6.0.1. In fact, the company delivered it within 15 days at the time.

But the next update is a major one, Android 7.0 Nougat. HTC confirmed back in May that it would offer Nougat to the One A9, One M9, and 10, but this week the company showed a timeframe that says that the 10 will be first in Q4, followed by the One M9 and One A9.

Nougat began rolling out to Nexus devices four days ago, which would give HTC another 11 days to keep its promise. Of course, Q4 isn't until October, and the company didn't even say that it was coming in Q4. To be clear, it says that Android 7.0 is coming to the 10 in Q4, and the One M9 and One A9 will get it at some point after that.

HTC issued a statement to Android Central, which would seemingly make the matter worse:

With the excitement around Android Nougat, we're aligning engineering resources around our most popular flagship products where the most customers will benefit.

The company is essentially saying that its promise isn't worth keeping if it has better-selling products. It's also worth pointing out that the HTC 10 isn't exactly a hot item, as T-Mobile pulled it from shelves just two months after launch. Nevertheless, if there's a lesson to be learned from this, it's that if you buy a phone based on HTC's promise, you might want to make sure that a lot of other people are buying it first.

Source: Twitter via Android Central

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