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iCloud Communications drops lawsuit against Apple

iCloud Communications was not on the list of companies you've heard of until just a few months ago. One figures that they thought a lawsuit would get them into the public spotlight. So who did they decide to sue? Well, none other than Apple itself.

They sued Apple because they somehow believed that Apple was infringing on iCloud's right to the word "iCloud" by using it to name the storage service that Apple created. Apparently, Apple fought back and sent some legal muscle out to fight and now iCloud Communications is no more. The company renamed themselves PhoenixSoft/Clear Digital Communications, according to ArsTechnica and Engadget. They changed their name quietly about a month ago via a Facebook post that apparently is now only being noticed.

Not only that, the company has filed a voluntary dismissal of its lawsuit in US District Court. The company asked for dismissal with prejudice. This means that the company cannot refile the suit. The company's website has moved to a different site, and the old site, geticloud.com, shows a "Website Coming Soon" screen. One can assume that the fact Apple had the trademark to the word iCloud first had an effect on the dismissal of the lawsuit. For future reference, don't sue the company that has the trademark to your company name. It might not work out so well.


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