IE11 to include tab syncing

With the leak of Windows Blue build 9364, an early build of Internet Explorer 11 was also bundled with the leak that gives us the general direction of the next installment of the browser. One of the new features spotted in the leak is the inclusion of synced tabs.

What are synced tabs? Well, if you are on one machine and switch to another, using synced tabs, you could bring your browsing experience with you. It should be noted that this is not a new feature as Chrome, Firefox and Safari currently offer this feature.

It would make sense that Microsoft would introduce this feature on Windows Phone as well so that when you are browsing on your phone, you could switch to your PC and continue what you were doing on your mobile device.

Windows 8 currently already allows you to sync many items including your preferences using your Windows ID. The addition of tab syncing will be a welcome edition with IE 11 and will help to close the feature parity gap between IE and its competitors. 

Via: WMPoweruser

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