If you were waiting for Doom Battle Royale, you won't be waiting anymore

The Battle Royale craze has been sweeping the gaming world for the last two years now, since PUBG first became a streaming sensation back in 2017. Since then, new entrants have usurped PUBG's crown, while various others have tried and failed to replicate its success.

Last week, we had a surprising new entry to the genre: DOOM II. Yes, we're talking about the 24-year-old game that was a sequel to the genre-defining DOOM. Thanks to a new mod, up to 64 players plus eight bots can now fight till the last man standing in the classic shooter.

The mod is still in a rough state, with the developer of the mod, Retrodex Gaming, referring to it as more of a proof-of-concept than the final product. Still, it features a large play area comprised of 3 different levels joined together to form the map and also has a timed shrinking play area like the storm in Fortnite. You even get randomised weapon and power-up spawns across the map!

You can check out the first test of the mod in the video above, and can follow this page on Mod DB to keep up with the mod's development.

Source: Mod DB via PC Gamer

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