Image tease shows external hard drive support on Xbox One

An Xbox developer has posted a very interesting image to Reddit showing us external drive support on Microsoft’s new console. This major feature is still missing from the Xbox One, but the company seems to be working on it.

Microsoft keeps churning out updates for the Xbox One but many features are still missing from the new console, including support for an external hard drive. The company said this would land on the console in a future update but gave no timetable at the time of the announcement.

Now thanks to XboxOneDev over on Reddit we get a glimpse of what the feature looks like. This seems to be on an internal development machine and it’s very likely this isn’t a final build, andl no ETA was disclosed for the update that would add this.

However, we can’t help but think this and other features might show up in an update closely following E3, where Microsoft is expected to unveil future games and plans destined for the Xbox One.

Are you excited about external drive support or is the console’s 500GB more than enough for you?

Source & Image: Reddit | Thanks to Neowin member EvilAstroboy for the tip!

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