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Microsoft job posting mentions Cortana on Windows

Lots of people are excited about Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana, but so far only a limited number of users have enjoyed her company and that’s only on Windows Phone. But now a job posting is hinting at Cortana’s future and her new home on Windows.

Ever since her launch keynote, Cortana has been getting a lot of attention and the question on everyone’s mind is when will she jump from Windows Phone to Xbox and Windows? According to today’s posting, Microsoft is working in that direction.

The company is looking to hire a software development engineer to build “the next generation of Cortana.” Working on the project will allow you to “redefine the personalization experience on Windows”. Of course many people suspected Microsoft would be looking to expand Cortana to all of its offerings, and now this post seems to confirm that.

Cortana herself was created with adaptability in mind, being able to follow the user from device to device. The first piece of this puzzle fell into place with Bing integration, with Cortana learning about you and suggesting pages when searching on Bing on your Windows desktop. But it’s obvious the goal is to expand Cortana and make it a central experience on Microsoft’s services and devices.

At one of the BUILD 2014 keynotes Terry Myerson himself said they would be looking at expanding Cortana outside of Windows Phone, but the company’s primary focus was that the experience should “make sense” on different devices.

Right now Cortana is still only available for those running Windows Phone 8.1 Preview and using US English, but the service is set to expand to new markets throughout the year all the while learning more and more about the world. Her expansion beyond Windows Phone was never a question of if, but rather of when.

Source: Microsoft via: LiveSide

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