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Independence Day weekend gives us lots of PC game sales

Would you like to save some money while having a barbacue or watching fireworks shows this weekend? Various PC game download sites are happy to oblige you with lots of daily game sales:

Steam - Valve's PC game download site continues to offer new sales deals every day during its current summer sales period. Today's special deals include the recently released PC port of Fable 3 for $24.99, Super Meat Boy for $7.49,  Battlefield Bad Company 2 for $5, Magicka for $3.39, and Half-Life 2 Episode 2 for a mere $1.99.

Direct2Drive - GameFly's PC game download site has a number of games on sale from now until this Friday. They include Unreal Tournament 3 for $7.95 and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for just $3.95.

Impulse - GameSpot's PC game download site has a number of game titles with price cuts this weekend. Among them are Civilization IV Complete Pack for $9.95 and Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands for a mere $4.99.

GamersGate - The PC game download site has a number of titles on sale this weekend including Hearts of Iron 3 for $5.99, Painkiller for $2.36 and Mafia for just $2.49.

OnLive - The streaming PC game download service has put a number of indie games on sale from now until July 4.

Team Fortress 2 - The free-to-play shooter from Valve is holding a sale of some of the items available from the in-game Mann Co Store from now until July 11. Remember purchasing one item from the virtual store automatically makes you a "premium" player of Team Fortress 2.

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