Inspire IRCd 1.1.8

For those unfamiliar what an IRCd is, it's the server software that powers internet relay chat, one of the oldest forms of real time group communication on the internet. Inspire IRCd is a modular, high performance internet relay chat daemon designed specifically to be fast, extensible, and feature-packed. Neowin uses InspIRCd to power their IRC chat. Inspire IRCd has a number of features, such as invisibility in channels, SQL integration, server notice masks, reloadable modes and commands, support for modern standards such as UHNAMES and NAMESX, and more

Inspire IRCd has released a new version, 1.1.8 - containing a number of patches to bugs, and most importantly, a windows installer, GUI, and version. This is a recommended upgrade for all existing users.

Download: Inspire IRCd Windows Installer | 11MB (Freeware, GPL)
Link: Development Blog | Home Page

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