Intel ATX12VO might finally see wider adoption with Alder Lake-S

An ATX 12VO10-pin connector
Image via PCWorld

Intel's ATX12VO specification, which it debuted in June 2019, might finally see wider adoption with its upcoming Alder Lake-S desktop platform. This report comes from VideoCardz which says it received this information from an anonymous tipster. According to the report, Intel apparently wants its Socket LGA 1700, 600-series chipset motherboards to carry its new ATX12VO support. But sadly for Intel, the vendor partners and PSU makers are allegedly not as enthusiastic about the idea.

Intel is apparently giving its partners up to around five months of time starting from the current month of May to design the new ATX12VO-based LGA 1700 motherboards.

Leaked image saying ATX12VO will debut with Intel Alder Lake S

For those unaware, the "12VO" in the new ATX12VO specification stands for '12V Only' which essentially means the other rails which are +3.3V, +5V, and -12V will be removed from the PSU and instead will be moved to the motherboard. This will mean low power needs can be more finely regulated and it ultimately should lead to a more power-efficient system especially in idle or light workload situations. And it also means a reduced number of pins on the motherboard power connector from 24 down to just 10.

However, this would evidently require a ton of work as well as a lot of planning on the part of PSU manufacturers as they would have to not only design new PSUs, but it would also mean their older models would be useless to anyone who purchases an Alder Lake-S system.

Likewise, motherboard makers are also reportedly not too happy as they too will have to do some of their own share of work as moving the other rails onto the motherboard would mean significant redesigning for the LGA 1700-based 600-series chipset.

Intel and ASRock launched the industry's first ATX12VO motherboard last year in the form of the Z490 Phantom Gaming 4SR. As touted, testing has shown that there are definitely improvements at idle and low power loads. However, it did not fare as well during a full load test.

Source and image: VideoCardz

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