Intel introduces management game

If only it weren't true :(

"Intel today introduced Intel® IT Manager Game, an online game that lets IT managers practice and test their technology skills. Non-IT managers will get to experience the challenges and rewards associated with an IT career. The IT Manager game offers a fun simulation of real life challenges of an IT manager. Contestants can pit their knowledge and skills against both the challenges of the job and each other through participation in a league. Further challenges will be introduced over time, including:

· CEO Meeting: Impromptu meetings with the CEO results in an IT knowledge quiz, if you give the right answers you may get extra budget;

· Server Failure: Rebuild the server in a Tetris style game;

· Hacker Invasion: head off the intruder before they cause system damage in a game of snake. Failure may result in loss of profit and equipment.

"Tomorrow's Dungeons and Dragons are server rooms and hackers, and this game gives IT managers, real or aspiring, the chance to show their skills in the job," said Nick Knupffer, Intel. "The game has a serious side too, helping people trial how they would react to or prepare for tough situations - like downtime and viruses - and how to be more aware of the business side of being an IT guy."

The game enhances a person's business skills by simulating how to evaluate and calculate ROI as well as manage relationships with other departments, suppliers and CEOs. To make the game realistic, it uses highly reliable and cost effective Intel® solutions such as Intel Itanium® and Intel Xeon™ processor-based servers, and Intel Pentium® 4 and Intel Centrino™ mobile technology-based clients to help(ed - surely a typo?) meet both ROI and uptime targets.

Commenting on the game Sami Cox, IT Director at Catalysis Communications said "Looks great, I can't wait to get started and show them all who's really the Daddy."

Intellegence inside?!

View: Intel's Website

News source: Intel PR

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