Intel Raptor Lake Core i9-13900KF QS goes 6.2GHz OC using a chiller

Intel processor in its socket mockup render

Earlier today, a new report surfaced claiming that Intel was allegedly enabling an all-new Extreme performance OC mode by increasing the PL2 to 350W. While it is not confirmed yet if such a high-power headroom option will really be available to users or not, one has to wonder what kind of clock speeds such an OC mode can allow for. We may get some ideas from a recent Bilibili video.

The video shows an Intel Core i9-13900KF QS chip, where QS stands for Qualification Sample, which is essentially the same as a pre-production engineering sample, being overclocked all the way up to 6.2HGHz on all its P-cores or Performance cores (big cores). This is an impressive feat especially since the sample in question here is not a final retail one and is only a QS. The E-cores or Efficiency cores aren't as fast, but they can do 5.3GHz, an equally impressive thing in their own rights.

However, this could be done only using a water chiller though the overclock is somewhat stable as it was apparently able to pass CPU-Z run.

Core i9-13900KF overclocked stats

The 6.2GHz i9-13900KF scored 991.6 and 19,550.5 points in CPU-Z single thread and multi thread tests respectively. Meanwhile, in Cinebench R23, the all-core P-cores overclock was 5.8GHz and at these frequencies, the 13900KF was able to score 42,790 points in the multi-core test and 2263 in the single thread test.

Source: EP极致玩家堂 (Bilibili) via HXL (Twitter)

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