Intel XTU brings overclocking to Windows 11 22H2, adds Raptor Lake support

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Intel has released the latest version of its Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) . The tool allows tweaking of Intel processors like overclocking or undervolting. The major highlight of the latest release is support for Windows 11 version 22H2 or Sun Valley 2 (SV2). While we are on the topic of Windows 11 22H2 support, you can check your system's compatibility via this Registry trick.

Meanwhile, support for 7th Gen Kaby Lake chips has been removed though it wouldn't have mattered much since Windows 11 does not officially support most of the Kaby Lake lineup.

In terms of feature addition, the new XTU version has optimizations related to Thermal Velocity Boost (TVB) for future platforms, likely indicating 13th Gen Raptor Lake support. The full changelog for XTU is given below:


  • Future Platform(s) Support:
    • Added per-core OC TVB support
    • Added package OC TVB support
    • Added Efficient TVB support
  • Undervolt protection, Core Isolation Memory Integrity, Virtual Machine State, and Hyper-V state detection and notification updates
  • Dynamic Intel Speed Optimizer feature optimization
  • Support for Windows 11 22H2 SV2
  • Removed support for Kabylake platforms

Known Issue(s):

  • In certain system configurations, Core Isolation Memory Integrity, Hyper-V, and Virtual Machine State are incompatible with XTU. In these cases, XTU is unable to function when these features are enabled.
  • When Windows Smart App Control feature is enabled, installing and/or running XTU may result in a notification or error from Windows. In these cases the user may reboot the system and rerun the XTU installer or application. We are working with Microsoft to resolve this issue.

You can download XTU on Intel's official website here.

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